Visibilia was born with the aim of deepening the development of products in the areas of security, with a particular focus on issues of "Visual Surveillance" in airports.
The basic idea of Visibilia products developed from its founding members' experience and from the tight connections with Universities in the Campania region, with the aim of computer vision research worldwide. This was made real only with its participation in the Cibpark programme in 2008, which allowed to absorb in the company experiences and skills that have resided in C.I.R.A. for years.
Visibilia Srl
Via Napoli, 159 - Centro Meridiana
80013 - Casalnuovo di Napoli (NA) - Italy
phone: +39 081.5228247  fax: +39 081.8427892
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Legal notes:
Listed at the Naples CCIAA of the number REA 784022
Deliberate and undersigned capital € 10.000,00 - Versed capital € 2.500,00